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Lodge Ledger: Centurion Award & Arrowman Service Award additions to LodgeMaster

  Michael Kipp             Announcements

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Today, many lodges have their own way to keep track of their membership records. However, many have started using LodgeMaster, a versatile program that keeps track of lodge membership and helps lodge leadership manage other aspects of their organization. Just as the Order of the Arrow can change with time, so can LodgeMaster! In light of new programs unveiled for our centennial anniversary, LodgeMaster will be adding new features focusing on the Centurion Award and Arrowman Service Award.

These awards are some of the highlights of our Order’s 100th anniversary. The Centurion Award recognizes members both past and present whose service to their lodge was so impactful that it is still recognized years later. Only the most dedicated Arrowmen merit receiving one of these highly exclusive awards. On the other hand, the Arrowman Service Award (ASA) can be earned by any current and active member during the centennial. The ASA has a series of centennial-focused requirements that an Arrowman must complete in order to achieve it. With these new awards, it’s important that lodges are able to track and record Arrowmen who have received them. This is why the LodgeMaster team is adding both the Centurion Award and Arrowman Service Award to the program.

With these additions, LodgeMaster users with the permissions to edit member information will be able to denote if a member is a recipient of either of these awards. Adding this to their record is simple; it works the same way as all other awards. While viewing an individual’s information, simply navigate to the “Awards” tab. From there, select the option to add an award. This will bring up a list of awards you can choose from, including the ASA and Centurion Award.

Not only does this addition give lodges an easy way to track these awards but having the feature in the same place as the membership records opens some interesting opportunities. For example, while adding either award to a member’s record, lodges may notice missing information about the Arrowman. This will also contribute to the historic records for your lodge membership to look back upon within our next century of service. There is no better time than the present to check in with them and update their information! If your lodge uses LodgeMaster, be sure your leadership knows about these updates and is on track with both awards.