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Countdown to Exemplars is underway

April 05, 2018     NOAC Navigator     NOAC 2018

Exemplar recognition at NOAC 2018 requires that lodge ceremony teams demonstrate excellence, consistency, and service. To be eligible for Exemplar evaluation, lodge teams must submit a video of their pre-Ordeal and/or Brotherhood ceremony.  The window for submissions opened on March 8, 2018, with a deadline of midnight (EDT) April 30, 2018. 

All team videos must be in accordance with the instructions posted on the ICE Portal.

Also now included on the Portal is the new rubric that will be used by evaluators as they assess the teams, both during the video cycle and at NOAC itself (for both Honor Teams and Exemplars).

Remember, teams meeting Exemplar standards will receive National visibility and become lasting contributors to the strength and legacy of our Brotherhood, by serving as examples to other teams and lodges across the country. Making the video takes careful preparation and at least a day of effort, so you should start planning for it now if you haven't already... remember, the submission window closes at the end of April.  

Showcase your team's talents and participate in this exciting opportunity for National recognition!

How to be an "Exemplar Ceremonialist"

Recognition as a National Exemplar Team at NOAC 2018 will make you a true pioneer—blazing a new trail for ceremonialists across the Order as you set a new standard for future inductions and ceremonies experiences. Your team will be honored for its commitment to Consistency, Excellence, and Service, having performed repeatedly at high levels against national standards, both in a video submission and again in a live demonstration at NOAC. Your video will be posted on the ICE Portal with accompanying commentary as a training aid for teams across the nation. And you will be regarded as true role models for your hard work on behalf of the Order.

But how do you get there? Only one team may represent each lodge for Exemplar evaluation. The team may demonstrate either the Pre-Ordeal or Brotherhood ceremony, and it must present the same ceremony, with the exact same members, both in the video submission and the live demonstration.

By now your team should be working on your video demonstration, which is due by April 30th. If you’re not… THERE IS STILL TIME. It will probably take you most of a day to film your ceremony, and you will need at least a few days ahead of that to practice… but you can do it if your team is determined. Either way, here’s what to do to ensure you have the best shot at achieving this high status:

  1. PRACTICE like crazy. Take every opportunity to get your team together, in front of actual candidates or OA members if possible… at the conclave, at work or fellowship weekends, at other lodge activities, or at home. You must know the ceremony word-for-word to qualify, and it takes practice to get there.
  2. GET HELP and advice on gestures, movement, expression, and other elements from your ceremonies adviser, older team members, and other knowledgeable people.
  3. ITERATE your ceremony – review the advice you get, and take only that which contributes to a better candidate experience. Everyone has an opinion about ceremonies, but our Order has national standards on which your team will be judged. Think about how each change you make relates to the national standards. See what you’re being evaluated on, well in advance, by carefully reviewing the rubric provided on the ICE Web Portal (link below).
  4. REVIEW the instructions carefully (also on the ICE Portal) to make sure you’re following them for your video submission. Don’t do all the hard work and then get disqualified for noncompliance with a simple rule!
  5. ASK questions. If you don’t understand something in the national standards rubric; if you can’t figure out something in the instructions; if you hear conflicting advice on a particular part of the ceremony – just ask, and the NOAC Staff will try to get you quick answers. Our email is @email.

Iif you don’t think you can make Exemplar this year, don’t let that stop you from being the best ceremony team that you can be. The best teams work together for the long run, and you could be an Exemplar at the next NOAC!  Meanwhile, use this NOAC as your opportunity to get evaluated as an Honor Team, take some ceremony training while at the conference, and make a real difference for your candidates and for your lodge by providing them the best inductions team possible!

More information, including an overview of the entire process and guidelines for evaluations and video submission, is available on the ICE Portal.  Please watch that space for continuing details on status and FAQs.