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Celebrating the BSA’s 112th Anniversary

  April 13, 2022

Scouts and Scouters from around the world celebrated the 112th birthday of the Boy Scouts of America on February 8. Social media lit up with graphics of birthday cakes, memories of stories from camp, difficult merit badges and timeless friendships made at unit meetings. Check out some of our favorite posts. 

S-C-O-U-T! | Scouting Magazine created twelve Scouting-themed Wordles to test our knowledge of Scouting lingo, history and program. We averaged 4 guesses across the ten we could answer. How did you fare? 

Bipartisan Celebration | Congressman Sanford Bishop Jr. from Georgia and Congressman Glenn Thompson from Pennsylvania co-sponsored a resolution on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives that would recognize February 8 as Boy Scouts of America Day, honoring the legacy and impact of Scouting in the United States. Learn more about the resolution here

A Selfless Act | Central Florida Council shared the story of the anonymous Scout who, in the dense London fog, guided William D. Boyce to his destination. Refusing a tip, the Scout said simply that it was his Good Turn - inspiring a movement here in the states.

112 Famous Scouters | Scouting Magazine featured its annual list of famous Scouters once again, with some new additions. If you have not seen this list yet, it is worth checking out! It is probably unsurprising to see astronauts like Armstrong and Aldrin on it, but did you know entertainment linchpins like Lithgow, Lynch and Spielberg have Scouting roots?