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ArrowTour Boarding Pass

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This week at the BSA National Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN, 500 ArrowTour boarding passes were distributed to council leaders and they were asked to give the boarding pass to Arrowmen in their home council. The boarding pass program is meant to help promote the 2015 ArrowTour by getting Arrowmen excited for the event and getting them engaged with the program.

The boarding pass is a red lanyard with a card that has a QR code on the back that you can scan with a smartphone. Once scanned, the QR code will take Arrowmen to the ArrowTour website and give them more information about the program. Then the Arrowman will be asked to register the boarding pass using the 6 digit code on the bottom of the front side of the card. Once you register, the website will display where all the boarding passes are on a map and how far they've gone outside of Nashville. After registering, the Arrowman is asked to "pass it on" and give the pass to another Arrowman who needs to know more about ArrowTour. Once the next Arrowman registers the pass, the Arrowman who shared it will become eligible for lots of cool prizes such as t-shirts, stickers, two $50 Scout Stuff gift cards, and two $50 Visa gift cards! The more often the pass is shared, the more chances you'll have to win prizes.

You definitely do not want to miss out on getting a boarding pass! If you see someone with a boarding pass and you want a chance to get a prize, ask the pass holder "How do I get on board for ArrowTour?" Once you register the boarding pass online, don't forget to pass it on to another Arrowman so they can get on board too!

You don't need to have a smartphone to register the pass! All you need to do is go online to and click "register boarding pass." If you don't have a pass and want to see who does have one in your council, click "register boarding pass." Then you can click a button that says "I don't have a pass" and you will be able to see a map with the locations of registered boarding passes.

The contest will run from now until October 1, so keep your eyes out for a boarding pass at your council's next Scouting event!