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Backend C# Developer

4+ hours per week
Year Round Position
Youth or Adult

The team is looking for new developers to join the team and aid in the development and maintenance of the LodgeMaster lodge client and the member portal. These sites are have a backend API written in C# using ASP.NET Core Web API which interfaces with a Angular frontend. Developers would be assigned small enhancements to implement or bugs to fix. Much of the work assigned to new developers on the team will be from the LodgeMaster feature request site and the role would be focused on implementing user requested enhancements. Developers would use Visual Studio and git source control to work locally and would submit pull requests to the senior developers for review. Full training on the organization of the LodgeMaster code and how things are implemented would be provided.

About the OA Volunteer Board

As a nonprofit organization that prioritizes youth leadership, the Order of the Arrow relies on a dedicated team of both youth and adult volunteers to ensure the successful operation of its programs. The national volunteer opportunities within this board are intended for individuals who have already given substantial time at the lodge, section, and region level, and still seek to volunteer further in the OA. For more information on the OA’s structure please see this page.

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