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Virtual LEC Attendance

Lodges with active youth who can’t seem to make it to meetings might take note of this Best Practice, submitted by Papago Lodge in Catalina Council, Tucson, Arizona. Papago found that its youth were involved in many extracurricular activities far away from other members. This proved to be an obstacle when the lodge would try to get together each month to hold its lodge executive committee meeting.

Papago Lodge combats this issue by permitting LEC members who are unable to attend in person attend via the popular video conferencing system Skype. With this technology, officers can hear what is said at the meeting and vote on items that come up for decision. Although it makes some collaboration difficult, young LEC members are inspired to see that older officers are still committed to participating, even when they are not physically able to be present. Plan ahead and put Skype up on a projector during your next few LEC meetings and invite absent members to call in.


How does technology permit your lodge to operate more efficiently? @email.