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Tool Talk Rap

Arrowmen spend many weekends each year working with tools providing service to camps, communities, and national forests. Everybody knows that safety vitally important, but too often discussions about safety go overlooked. Let’s face it: Talking about safety is just not fun.

Mikanakawa Lodge, Circle Ten Council in Dallas, Texas, recognized the problem and decided to do something about it. A lodge member wrote a rap to be performed before work projects began which draws participants’ attention to important safety concerns. Members stand in a circle, clapping their hands to the beat of the words:


Welcome Elangomats this December day

You’ve volunteered for service in the OA.

Now pay attention as we start,

You’re gonna learn an important part

Of responsibility and call to duty—

Sit right down on that Boy Scout booty!


Listen up, make like a hawk

We’re gonna have a safety talk.

To ordeal candidates you must say:

“These ideals make one safe day.


When you arrive at your destination

Check it out for risk evaluation.

Work hats, gloves, and goggles, too—

Water bottles and sturdy shoes.


Working together on an ordeal crew

Pride of accomplishment shines on through!

Going to work, walk single file,

With your hand tool pointed down, flash a smile!


Carry that pick ax down at your side

Where it won’t poke you inside.

Travel in a line at least ten feet apart.

Hiking in and hiking out—show how smart!


Hold your tool with a good grip

It’s not cool to let it slip.

Watch for your buddy next to you;

Look out for him as he does for you.


Leave lots of room for that tool to swing,

“Preventing injury” our motto to bring.

Be sure your standing on solid ground

Using that shovel, and don’t fall down!


From time to time, stop work to ponder;

Every thirty minutes drink lots of water.

Wear your hat and goggles too“,

Prevention and safety,” the motto for you.


An ordeal of work can be done with fun,

Working for Mikinakawa one-oh-one!

Sharing goals with Scouts of past

Makes this not an irksome task.


Making friends, sharing soul,

Working with safety as a goal.

Keep this in mind and don’t get nervous:

You’re trail building in cheerful service!


What creative methods does your lodge use to communicate with members?


The above resource was submitted by Mikanakawa Lodge in Dallas, Texas.