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Registration Options

Lodges work diligently each year to retain members. Sometimes a question arises about how an individual can remain a registered member of the lodge if the member is no longer active with a local unit. This often arises in the context of an Arrowman attending college outside of their council’s geographic area. How can the Arrowman continue to stay registered with the Boy Scouts of America and, thus, the lodge?

It may be possible for an Arrowman to register with the district or council while remaining unaffiliated with a local unit. All such Arrowmen must submit the Adult Registration Form, No. 524-501. On the form, applicants should indicate a position code to identify the role in which they are registering.

For more information on registration options talk to your local council. To maintain a current membership, an Arrowman needs a paid membership with their local council. In addition, adult Arrowmen also need a current Youth Protection Training certificate.  Consult the Guide for Officers and Advisers for membership requirements for youth candidates and adult nominees. And remember, an Arrowman’s primary duty is to their unit!