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One Day Trading Post at Camp

Think of all the in-council and out-of-council Scouts who pass through your summer camp each week of summer. Your lodge, like Mowogo Lodge in Northeast Georgia Council, can leverage exposure to campers during the summer by opening the lodge store one day each week of summer camp. Take a page from Mowogo’s play book: Make sure the lodge doesn’t duplicate items in the camp trading post, have a computer on hand with LodgeMaster to permit lodge members to pay lodge dues, and let out-of-council Arrowmen purchase items such as sashes they may have forgotten at home. Using this opportunity to promote council, camp, and lodge initiatives, the lodge and council can make an OA-store day a mutually beneficial arrangement.


The above resource was submitted by Mowogo Lodge, Northeast Georgia Council, headquartered in Pendergrass, Georgia.

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