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Oath of Office

Each year, chapters and lodges across the country elect officers. Many lodges conduct a ceremonial installation which may include passing a bonnet, necklace, or other item. Some chapters have a traditional method of recognizing the yearly passing of the torch from chief to chief. One common theme in many of these installations is the administration of an oath of office. Even outside of the Order of the Arrow, oaths are often taken by those who undertake a new duty or public service. Presidents, judges, and soldiers, for example, take an oath upon accepting their new responsibilities.

Consider adding a bit of formality to your next chapter- or lodge-officer induction ceremony by adapting the following short oath of office:

I do hereby promise on my honor as a Scout

To faithfully fulfill my duties as [office title]

Of [lodge or chapter name] of the Order of the Arrow;

To live daily by the Scout Oath and Scout Law;

To preserve the traditions and obligation of the Order of the Arrow;

To cheerfully provide a positive example for all to see;

And to serve others so far as I am able.

To this, I pledge my sacred honor.

If your lodge or chapter has enjoyed a successful method of installing new officers, please share your “Best Practice” by emailing @email.