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OA Ranger

Nentico Lodge, like many lodges, realized that urban Scout units struggled with Scouting and OA activity.

In 2010, several area Scouters came together in Baltimore, Maryland, to identify urban Scout unit needs and resources. Among those in attendance at the meeting were the 2010 National Order of the Arrow Chief, the 2005 Central Region Chief, and over two dozen dedicated adult and youth volunteers. The group noticed a lack of Scouting presence in the city districts. In the past, this lack of Scouting presence resulted in a large decrease of Scout and OA activity. Specifically, few Scouts were eligible for election and even fewer became involved in OA activities.

The group brainstormed different solutions to this problem. As a result of the discussion, the group determined that the council and lodge should utilize Arrowmen as a resource. Eventually, the OA Ranger program was born.

An OA Summer Camp Ranger is an OA youth member who, at the request of a unit leader, is assigned to a troop during the troop’s summer camp week. A ranger serves as a guide to the unit and lives with the troop during summer camp. The rangers spend as little as one day or as many as several weeks at camp, depending on their schedules. The rangers are tasked with assisting in the development of Scouting’s principles and ideas through service, example, and leadership.

During the first year of the program, the lodge paid OA Rangers who spent a minimum of four days in the position a stipend of $100 or a campership in the amount of $150 toward any one of the 2011 OA high adventure programs. Rangers are also permitted to take advantage of advancement and program opportunities at camp.

The above resource was submitted by Nentico Lodge in Baltimore, Maryland. The lodge will continue to monitor the success of this program and the impact it has on urban Scout units. To submit your lodge’s unique idea, send it to ChapterResources@oa-