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James E. West Fellowship

The James E. West Fellowship is a way to recognize those who have contributed to a council’s endowment fund. Those who contribute at least $1000 in cash or securities above their annual Friends of Scouting contribution are eligible for the bronze award. Frequently these awards are presented to those who have contributed a gift on their own behalf. It is a way for a lodge to recognize a member, too.

Consider building a $1000 contribution into the lodge budget each year. This amount should be above the annual Friends of Scouting contribution the lodge makes. Then, each year the lodge honors one of its most active or deserving members with a James E. West Fellowship award by contributing to the council’s endowment fund in that Arrowman’s name. A committee similar to the Vigil selection committee can select the West Award. The  lodge may want to avoid presenting the West Award to someone who is already receiving ample recognition in one year. For that reason, the lodge can restrict those eligible for the West Award by making ineligible the current lodge chief, lodge adviser, that year’s Vigil class, and that year’s Founder’s Award recipients.

With a system like this in place, the lodge can contribute to the success of the council’s endowment program while also recognizing one of its members.


The above resource was submitted by Siwinis Lodge in Los Angeles, California. How does your lodge contribute to the financial success of your council? What creative ways do you recognize the achievements or contributions your members have made? Let us know at @email.