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Election Packet

Has your lodge suffered from having a lot of information scattered in various places? Has this ever resulted in a communication mix-up? One lodge decided to put all information pertaining to elections in one place. The lodge developed an “election packet” to distribute to every election team. The packet contains nearly everything an election team could need to conduct an election. The election packet contains the following items:

  • Election Team Worksheet
  • Team Checklist and Procedures
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Eligibility Form
  • Election Results Form
  • Election Team Script
  • Contact Information Template
  • Adult Nomination Form

Combining all of the information in one place makes it easy for an election team to know it has everything it needs to conduct an election.

View the election packet here.

The above resource was submitted by Moswetuset Lodge, Boston Minuteman Council. Does your lodge streamline election team information?  Let us know at @email.