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Elangomat Worksheet

Has your lodge or chapter ever struggled with training Elangomats? Or perhaps you have served as an Elangomat and suddenly realized you were somehow ill-prepared for the task. Many first-time Elangomats, especially newer Arrowmen, experience this. To alleviate these problems, consider creating an Elangomat worksheet. This worksheet can serve as a training guide, a list of frequently asked questions, and an on-site resource to help address concerns as they arise.

Below is one lodge’s Elangomat worksheet. Try using it at your next Ordeal. Afterword, get feedback from the Elangomats and seek advice on how to improve it. What do you think should be added?


Elangomat's Work Sheet

  1. What do I need to bring with me?


  1. How do I know who are my candidates?


  1. What do I do as the candidates arrive?


  1. How do I learn about any special needs of my candidates? What do I do about them?


  1. Where do my candidates and I store our extra gear on Friday night and our overnight gear on Saturday morning?


  1. Which Spirit of the Arrow booklets do I distribute, and how do I get them?


  1. Where do we spend the night alone?


  1. How do I place my candidates for the night?


  1. Where is emergency and first aid help located all weekend?


  1. How is breakfast done?


  1. What is our work? Who can I ask for help? What if my enthusiastic candidates finish early?


  1. What tools and supplies are needed and how do they get to the work site?


  1. How can I obtain plenty of drinking water during the day?


  1. Where do we eat lunch?


  1. Where are the facilities for cleanup for meals and after work? Do we have to share them with anyone else? Who and how?


  1. How are evening meals done?


  1. When and where do we meet to go to the Ordeal Ceremony?


  1. What are my duties during and after the ceremony?


  1. What do I do if bad weather occurs during the night? During the day?


  1. What do I do about any violations of the tests by a candidate? By a Brother?


  1. Is there anything else I need to plan for?


  1. Who do l ask for help? Where can they be found?


Elangomat's Ordeal Schedule



___pm: Arrive at Camp

___pm: Meet with clan

___pm: Lead candidates to the pre-Ordeal


___am: Breakfast

___am: Work begins

___am: Clean up for lunch

___pm: Lunch

___pm: Resume work project

___pm: Clean up for the evening

___pm: Leave for the Ordeal Ceremony

___pm: Evening meal


___am: Breakfast

___am: New Member Orientation



Equipment Check List

Make sure that you have these items before leaving for the pre-Ordeal ceremony:


  • a watch
  • this Work Sheet
  • roster with medical notes
  • directions for first work project
  • index cards and a pencil
  • Spirit of the Arrow booklet number 2
  • camp map with key locations marked
  • flashlight
  • personal first aid kit
  • canteen with drinking water
  • roll of toilet paper
  • hotel sized bar of hand soap
  • small garbage bag
  • sharp pocket knife
  • strike anywhere matches in waterproof container
  • all personal equipment

Names and Phone Numbers

  • Ride to camp:
  • Ordealmaster:
  • Adviser:
  • Trainer:
  • Chief:
  • Council office:
  • Camp office:
  • Elangomats:





  • My candidates:





The All Purpose Answer

“I am glad that you are curious about that. It shows that you want to learn about the Order and your role in it. However, I am not allowed to answer your question right now. If you listen carefully you will hear the answer in the next twenty-four hours. If you still have the question tomorrow night, I will be happy to help you find the answer.”


The above resource is provided by the Unit, Chapter, and Lodge Support Subcommittee. Lodges around the country have used this resource successfully in the past. To submit your best practice, send an email to @email.