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Council Support

Want a way to absolutely kick-start the strength of your chapter or lodge? Make a concerted effort to work very closely with the district and council, and ensure that the lodge’s efforts are designed to support the council.

Sikhs Mox Lamonti in Washington took this to heart when it learned that the council was building Adirondak shelters at camp. The lodge led the way in supporting the council by adopting a campsite, raising funds, and providing the labor to create a flagship campsite to model for future campsite improvements. The lodge’s partnership with the council properties committee demonstrated how other groups could follow the lodge’s lead in improving the camp. The lodge continues to work closely with the properties committee to identify, on an ongoing basis, work that both provides meaningful service for Ordeal candidates and helps the council meet its goals.

Council support is a core quality of strong lodges. How does your lodge support the council? Tell us at ChapterReso@email.