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Chapters Helping Ordeals

Coordinating an induction weekend can be a challenging task. From food, to grounds, to ceremonies and service projects, it can be difficult to keep track of all the elements that come together to make an induction weekend a success. To alleviate some of this pressure, it may be helpful for a lodge to assign chapter duties.

Chapter duties are induction tasks assigned to chapters at an LEC meeting preceding the induction   weekend. Some duties can include the pre-Ordeal, Ordeal, and Brotherhood ceremonies, dining hall management, ceremony grounds, and service projects. Essentially, any self-contained task that can be accomplished by a team can be assigned as a chapter duty. The idea is to take advantage of chapters as pre-formed teams that can meet with enough frequency to be prepared for whatever task needs to be accomplished.

By assigning chapter duties, the induction coordinator is given latitude to focus on the big picture of an induction, communicating with chapter chiefs as necessary, and making sure the weekend is the best experience possible for everyone involved. For instance, knowing that the chapter assigned to perform the pre-Ordeal ceremony is preparing under the leadership of the chapter chief at the ceremony site, and knowing that another chapter is preparing the candidates to enter the ceremony ring, the coordinator can focusing on timing both groups correctly so that the ceremony can begin when the candidates are ready.

Though it’s a simple planning tool, chapter duties can vastly simplify the process of planning an induction weekend, allowing a focus on detail that will make your induction weekend the best it can be.


The above resource was submitted by Passaconaway Lodge. Does your lodge or chapter use a unique leadership model to maximize efficiency? Email ChapterReso@email.