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Budgets Made Simple

Lodges require more than just competent leaders to be successful. One important item to master is the lodge budget. In many lodges, the budget is considered adult territory, and may be discussed only when something goes wrong.

Siwinis Lodge of section W-4N has developed a budget that caters to almost any lodge’s needs. The budget provided covers everything from dues to food to postage. The spreadsheet shows all of the income and expenses that the lodge has throughout the year. Each line in the spreadsheet has a number that corresponds with a   summary page. This system allows the planning of each line item and tracks each variable throughout the year. The lodge should type into the white cells (and not type into the yellow cells). The spreadsheet will update so the lodge can keep track of its budget.

Try using the budget template or revise it to fit your lodge’s needs. With a balanced budget, the lodge can offer a quality program and reach its financial goals.


The budget template can be found here.


The above resource was submitted by Siwinis Lodge in the Los Angeles Area Council of Los Angeles, California.