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Lodge Ideas and Best Practices

These best practices, chapter meeting ideas, service ideas, and adviser minutes were submitted by Arrowmen across the country who have benefited from both years of experience and trial and error. By sharing these resources, these Arrowmen hope to share the wisdom they have gained over the ages.

Best Practices for Lodges

Gathered from around the nation, these best practices exist to provide ideas for lodge leadership.

Chapter Meeting Ideas

These ideas can assist everyone from the newest chapter chief to the most experienced adviser in providing their chapters with great meeting programs.

Adviser Minutes

Advisers often give a short food for thought message at the end of meetings.  These adviser minutes can be inspirational, thought-provoking, or informative.  Advisers around the country submitted these minutes that they've used, and they hope you can benefit from them, too.

Service Ideas

The Order of the Arrow has always placed a special emphasis on service. The most recent strategic plan expands where and how we do our service to Scouting and the community.   During the 1999 National Leadership Summit, the Service Committee conducted several workshops to collect service project ideas from the lodge representatives in attendance.