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Operations Update

Policy Updates

The Order of the Arrow continues to adapt policies and guidelines when necessary. Updates to policies, procedures, and guidelines released not covered below can be found at

The Operations Update is an official publication of the National Order of the Arrow Committee. It is published as needed to update key leaders on changes in the program.

Copies of Operations Updates are available in PDF format on this page.

Available Operations Updates:

12-07  – issued July 2012

The national Order of the Arrow committee has modified the requirements for the nomination of adult unit Scouters to become candidates for induction into the Order. The changes will increase the number of currently-serving Scoutmasters and Varsity Team Coaches and other unit Scouters who can be nominated to be candidates. These modifications apply only to adult leaders in Scout troops and Varsity teams who are 21 years of age or older. They become effective at the beginning of each lodge's 2013 elections season or January 1, 2013, whichever comes first.

10-06  – issued June 2010

The Order of the Arrow Handbook, Guide for Officers and Advisers (GOA), and Field Operations Guide (FOG) have been updated. Since the BSA Supply Group needed to print more copies of the Handbook, an opportunity presented itself to revise a few pages. Reprints of the Handbook will be issued when existing stock is depleted. The new GOA and FOG are presently available for download in the Publications Section.

09-10  – issued October 2009

The Order of the Arrow has updated its mission and purpose for the 21st century. This operations update explains the new mission and purpose in great detail. Be sure read this update for the latest information, and an excellent explanation of the new mission and purpose.

09-2  – issued February 2009

Membership reinstatement policy, announcements on the OA LodgeMaster system and OA membership verification process, the 2009 National Quality Lodge reminders, Quality Lodge pins, fillable forms, clarification of the lodge voting policies, lodge resource materials, and the E. Urner Goodman Camping Award are all covered in this operations update.

08-5  – issued May 2008

Announcements on the OA Lodge Master System and OA membership verification process included in the February 2005 ScoutNet production release. Updated literature is announced including the Guide for Officers and Advisers, Field Operations Guide, and the new OA Lodge Finance Manual. It also contains clarification on unit elections, OA promotions, 2008 National Quality Lodge requirements, and Ordeal Ceremony requirements.

07-10  – issued October 2007

U.S. Forest Service logo usage.

07-8  – issued August 2007

The Order of the Arrow policy on lodge pocket flaps appears on page 58 of the Order of the Arrow Handbook. Several clarifications have been added to this policy.

06-05  – issued May 2006

New editions of the Order of the Arrow Handbook, Guide for Officers and Advisers, and Field Operations Guide are available.

05-10  – issued October 2005

The Guide for Officers and Advisers is now online.

05-9  – issued September 2005

Changes to national awards and recognitions.

05-5  – issued May 2005

The induction sequence and home lodges.

05-3  – issued March 2005

OA Membership Verification

04-9  – issued September 2004

Lodge numbers

01-4  – issued April 2001

OA Associate Adviser leadership positions and patches approved.

01-2  – issued February 2001

Driving Vigil Ceremony participants.

01-1  – issued January 2001

Selection of adult leaders in units.

99-7  – issued July 1999

Coleman outdoor adventureships, Order of the Arrow troop/team representative, new OA ceremony books.

98-10  – issued October 1998

Lodge charter expiration date, new Venturing program, Vigil Honor candidate requirement, new OA logo, 1999 National Leadership Summit.

97-1  – issued January 1997

Unit election procedure change.

96-11  – issued November 1996

Camping requirement change, OA Service Grant program, E. Urner Goodman scholarship program, 1997 charter renewal reminder. (Note: The wording of the camping requirement was clarified in 1998, replacing this text.)