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Communications Toolkit


This toolkit was developed by the national communications committee (NCC) to better support lodge and section communications needs. Lodges and sections around the country are faced with many hurdles when approaching effective communications and promotions, especially as the digital ecosystem evolves. The following documentation will outline best practices and helpful resources regarding internal communication, social media use, branding, graphic design, website development and maintenance, eNews (email campaigns), written content, and external media releases.

These best practices and resources are based on the NCC’s experience managing the Order of the Arrow’s media, including official OA social media accounts, OA brand assets,, email and print publications, and more. It is the goal of the NCC to share their knowledge, thereby enabling Arrowmen to support their lodge or section in a more impactful way.

The way in which each and every member communicates with fellow Arrowmen has the power to engage them in the Order of the Arrow. Each has the ability to inspire an Ordeal candidate or new member to get involved in the lodge with every word written for the lodge’s newsletter. Each has the opportunity to engage those members who have disconnected from the OA. Each has the leverage to build a successful program, with high event attendance and a strong sense of brotherhood. This ability, this opportunity, this leverage, is what makes the Order of the Arrow stronger.

If you have any questions or concerns about the content of this toolkit, or have best practices of your own to share, please email the national communications committee at @email.


The entire Communications Toolkit can be downloaded as a PDF here.