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Thoughts on The Power of One

  Jack O'Neill and Dan Higham, 2009 National Chief and National Vice Chief       October 29, 2016       Chiefly Thoughts

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The idea of "power" is quite remarkable. Empires have both come to being at its hand and conversely fallen because of its tight grasp. Although power is often thought of as a negative influence, when we think of it in terms of the NOAC2009 theme, "THEPOWEROFONE," its good qualities shine through.

The power of one implies that all people can have the power. The power in this case encompasses the opportunity to make a difference. Furthermore, the power of one person does not warrant corruption or hostile takeovers, instead, it offers them a chance. That chance is in essence to live the golden rule to the fullest which states, that we must treat others the way we want to be treated. This rule serves as a map that guides us to achieving a positive impact as a result of our power.

Many others in history have embarked on ways to use their power as a positive influence. George Washington humbly showed when to use the power and when to give it up to benefit generations. Susan B. Anthony fought for women's rights and succeeded. Mark Twain inspired many people to use their imaginations. Martin Luther King Jr. gave an unforgettable speech in his fight for equality. Amelia Earhart paved the way for women pilots by completing her legendary flight over the Atlantic. These people and many more provide a wonderful example for us to follow.

We as Arrowmen, just as those that have come before us, have the power to make a positive change to the world around us. We can leave our mark on history and not only use the power, but also be the power. The power starts with one individual and then it grows into one group, one cause, or one organization. The Order of the Arrow will be moving forward working to capture and harness its own power to make a positive difference in the world. However, the success of that endeavor can only be achieved when each member uses their power for the better.

So, the use of power is not so much to conquer other peoples or nations - its intended use is to in fact make a difference by living the golden rule. Each of us have the power to better the world around us, now, we just need to use it.