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#TakeTheLead - Western & Central Region National Leadership Seminars: Are you going?

  March 30, 2014       Lodge Ledger

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In just a few short weeks on April 4-6, some of the Western Region’s up-and-coming leaders will be gathering at Forest Lawn Scout Reservation in Cedar Glen, California. Simultaneously, youth leaders with gather in Parkville, Missouri in the Central Region. This weekend will be the Western Region’s first National Leadership Seminar (NLS) weekend of 2014 and second NLS for the Central Region. The programs provided at this seminar will give Arrowmen an in-depth look at various leadership principles. These principles can be applied to their positions in the Order of the Arrow and throughout their lives.

As with past years, both regions will continue their tradition of colorful demonstrations through various trainings. They will also reach out beyond the NLS weekend to encourage their participants to take home what they have learned. What will be new this year? The regions will be exploring new ways to present some of the sessions. They will also implement innovative techniques to better showcase the accomplishments of the NLS participants!

With premiere trainers come a premiere program, and this is definitely no exception for the West. Earlier this year at a train-the-trainer event for NLS staff, the regions assembled a new talented and enthusiastic Arrowmen to bring their knowledge and experience to all the participants in the NLS program this year. “I enjoy learning with the participants of the NLS weekends. I do not know everything about the Order, and I often find that they have much more to teach me than I can teach them!” said 2014 Western Region Chief Michael Kintscher when asked about his past experiences on NLS staff.  

Those attending and learning are most definitely the next generation of leaders in our organization. However, nothing says that you cannot be a part of this group!  There are no prerequisites to attend the weekend seminar.

For all 2014 NLS opportunies held around the nation, be sure to check out the OA National Calendar here.