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Takeaways from Momentum: Launch

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National Chief Zach Schonfeld standing in front of a fire.

Momentum: Launch was an event like no other in the Order of the Arrow’s 105-year history. A new experience for everyone, attendees and national officers alike, this event was just what was needed at such a pivotal moment in time for the Order as a whole. Through 35 hours of activities, conversations and training sessions, delegates logged off as Change Agents, ready to put into practice the skills and techniques learned towards their chapters, lodges and sections. Here are a few takeaways from this unique and innovative experience:

Be Resilient

Between the interruptions to our everyday programs and activities that have come as a result of COVID-19 and the challenges emerging out of the BSA’s bankruptcy and restructuring process, these past few months have not been easy. However, like the rafting trip described by Southern Region Chef Seth Greiling during the opening show, by working together and utilizing the right tools, Arrowmen will emerge from these challenges successfully. How will you keep the fire inside burning through these challenging times?

Be Connected

Through Slack, the Momentum: Launch community platform, over 650 registered delegates discussed best practices, directly interacted with facilitators during training sessions and shared their best memes all from the comfort of their electronic devices. This event showed both the quality and quantity of relationships developed during virtual events could be just as great as those developed during in-person events. How are you staying connected with all of your fellow Arrowmen while physically distant?

Be Innovative

A virtual cookoff by Malibu Lodge. A virtual conclave by Section NE-6B. Chapters, lodges and sections across the nation have stepped up to the challenge of planning and executing never-before-held virtual events. As the summer winds down and we start to see more induction and fellowship weekends, even more innovation will be seen. How will you change the game in your chapter, lodge or section?

Be a Change Agent

“Those who chose you need you,”; a quote you’ve heard repeated multiple times since first hearing in the Pre-Ordeal. However many times you’ve heard them, those six words mean more now than they ever have. Building off the momentum gained from Thrive and the ACT Conference, Operation: Delta served to provide the confidence needed to lodge leaders as they push through the unknown. Through theoretical and experiential learning, Delta is creating a movement of Change Agents, ready to go through the messy change and find the better tomorrow. How will you find momentum and push through the unknown in your home lodge?