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Success Seekers at NOAC

February 20, 2018     NOAC Navigator     NOAC 2018

The 2018 Training Committee is excited to announce a new program at NOAC called Success Seekers.

As the new century has unfolded for our Order, a strange phenomenon has caught our notice. In some places, our Order is thriving and doing better than ever through our High Performing Lodges (HPL’s). These lodges are constantly filled with brotherhood, innovation, and the high ideals we seek to embody. Surprisingly, we find a disparaging gap between this and our second group. These lodges are faced with seemingly unconquerable problems and find their membership declining, making it feel as though we have two completely different programs. One of the best ways to combat that is through innovation and the sharing of ideas. Many feel that the single best thing that comes from a NOAC is being able to meet fellow Arrowmen from around the nation and exchange ideas on each other’s best practices.

That is what we want to provide with Success Seekers. During NOAC, you have the opportunity to attend many trainings, but none will be quite like this. Success Seekers gives the opportunity for those of you who have these best practices, who have found creative new ways to overcome problems, to be able to share it with your brothers. Throughout the years countless programs and ideas have been implanted, but only a handful reach fruition. When they do, they’re worth sharing, which is just what we’d like to do. Starting next month, you will have the opportunity to submit your lodge’s best practice to us, and several of the best practices will be chosen to present themselves at NOAC this summer. We’re looking forward to it!