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Regalia bonanza

  May 25, 2017       OA Today

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Recently the Nataepu Shohpe Lodge of the President Gerald R. Ford Field Service Council held their annual Regalia Bonanza. This is an excellent opportunity for Arrowmen to create interesting and creative regalia while enjoying their lodge’s American Indian Activities (AIA) program. For a few years, the Nataepu Shohpe Lodge has incorporated the Regalia Bonanza in their event agenda in order to promote their AIA program. It has worked well and as the event continuously grows within the lodge, the more positive feedback they receive. 

We sat down with chapter chief Noah F. of the Nataepu Shohpe Lodge to discuss the event and learn more about its impact on the lodge. The Regalia Bonanza is a weekend event where Arrowmen who are interested in AIA head to their resident camp to enjoy the full AIA experience. The activities include dancing, singing, ceremonial teams and a try at creating your own regalia! The participants bring in the clothes that they wish to turn into regalia, along with any other materials needed to create the regalia. There are plenty of experts and AIA enthusiasts at the event who are always willing to provide the helping hand for making your own regalia. Noah states that, “It’s a pretty hands-on event. You get to choose how you want to create your regalia and there are always plenty of people to help you achieve the final product you are looking for.” 

Noah provides great advice regarding planning a lodge event by stating, “When your lodge is building an event like this, you should create it so that Arrowmen can enjoy it how they want to enjoy it.” He goes on to further say that this event allows a lot of independence and enjoyment for the Arrowmen participating in it. One of the greatest things in Scouting is the freedoms that come with it being a youth-led organization. That means that all Scouts, especially Arrowmen, are able to enjoy these events how they want to also while given opportunities to learn and have a good time.

This event hasn't just benefited the Arrowmen who attend it but has also further strengthened the Nataepu Shohpe Lodge AIA program for future events and activities. What started as an event to try get more use out of their resident camp and getting Arrowmen interested in the AIA has further evolved and developed into a great opportunity for members of the Nataepu Shohpe Lodge. It enables them to not only become involved in the AIA program but help the event grow so that the rest of the lodge can enjoy it. As Noah says, “It’s a pretty fun opportunity for Arrowmen in my lodge to enjoy the different aspects of AIA. I hope we continue to hold this event and I hope it grows even larger in years to come.”