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Red, White and Blue in Lodges - Arrowmen Representing Patriotism

  Garrett Bagley             Officer Outlook

Red, White and Blue in Lodges - Arrowmen Representing Patriotism

As Scouts, we must show respect and patriotism for those in our armed forces. Every November, Veterans Day offers the chance to demonstrate this obligation. There are many ways we can honor veterans, but as Arrowmen, we must devote service to them.


Across the nation, Arrowmen work together to develop big plans for Veterans Day. For example, Aidan C. from Nguttitehen Lodge, in Shelbyville, Kentucky, is looking forward to this day of reflection and appreciation. Aidan stated, “This year, my troop is going to place flags on the graves of veterans to show our gratitude."


In collaboration with local veteran associations, Aidan and his troop plan to spend the day at a local cemetery, ensuring every veteran gets a flag on their tombstone. He describes feelings of pride, saying, “It makes me feel responsible, like I’m giving these people the proper recognition.”


For Arrowmen in their troops and units, getting involved on a person-to-person basis with community members is the best way to provide service to those around them. Cheerful service is one of the founding principles of the OA, so finding ways to give back to local veterans is the most effective way to celebrate them.


Alternatively, Peggy Kilcrease, a veteran, explains how she believes veterans should be celebrated. “I think that taking the time to visit people who have served is the best way to say thanks. It’s very easy to forget that these people still need family.”


Oftentimes, the simplest but most genuine acts of service make the biggest impact on the world around us. Arrowmen can carry out Peggy’s vision through small acts of service, such as meeting with veterans or providing a gift of appreciation. 


Overall, the best way to celebrate Veterans Day - to really value those who served - is on a personal level, giving every veteran a chance to feel appreciated. As Arrowmen, we must show our patriotism and respect the people who served our country. There are a variety of ways to demonstrate, big or small. After all, we are the brotherhood of cheerful service, and honoring Veterans Day is the perfect way to demonstrate selfless service to the community.