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OA Hackathon

  Josh Squirrell and Andrew Zucker       July 27, 2017       Pulse       Hackathon 2017

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On October 6-8th, the Order of the Arrow will be hosting its first-ever Hackathon. Located at the Intel office in Folsom, California, Arrowmen from across the nation are invited to innovate and pave the future of technology. 

One of the greatest parts of the Hackathon is that while encouraged, no previous coding experience is necessary. All members of the OA are welcome to work alongside Intel engineers to hack together innovative new ways to interact with our members. Over the course of the weekend Arrowmen will be placed into one of three teams: connections, games or delivery. Working together, these three teams will have one day to corroborate and develop the technological forthcomings of the OA.

On connections, Arrowmen will focus on developing tools to help streamline internal communications. This team will hack out new, more effective ways for members to reach out to other Arrowmen all across the nation.

On games, Arrowmen will hack away new technology-based activities that Arrowmen can use to have some fun on the go. 

On delivery, Arrowmen will explore new ways to deliver program to participants. Whether it be getting the theme across or exploring a new registration system, this team will make it easier for both staff and participants to understand what is going on at events. 

The Order of the Arrow Hackathon is an amazing opportunity to explore the technical side of the OA. Working with Intel engineers, Arrowmen will leave with a greater understanding of how we interact with technology as an organization and a society. Each one who comes to the OA Hackathon will leave knowing their impact on the OA will last far into the second century and beyond.

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