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Noquet Lodge recruits army of volunteers for council event

Josh Squirrell     November 29, 2016     OA Today

A Michigan lodge assembled an army of volunteers to help provide behind-the-scenes support for their annual council-wide camping event. Noquet Lodge of the Great Lakes Field Service Council formed a service corps of more than 100 Arrowmen to volunteer at the council’s Rendevouz, a weekend event bringing together Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and Venturers. The Rendezvous was held September 23rd - 25th at Willow Metropark in New Boston, Michigan, with an “American Ninja Warrior”-based theme.

As Arrowmen spent the day in cheerful service, participants enjoyed activities including a multi-stage American Ninja Warrior competition. Noquet Lodge built their own warrior course and ran a course featuring foam cannons during the running stages. They also hosted a Scouting museum and STEM activities. Recognizing the importance of reaching out to Cub Scouts, the lodge leadership developed two arena shows, one for Cubs Scouts and one for all attendees. Arrowmen helped put on the Cub Scout program, provided security, logistics and rotated stages throughout the show. The second show included dueling DJ’s, mixing and remixing off of each other’s style, keeping the crowd dancing and having fun.

Noquet Lodge Chief Nick Meier said the Rendezvous was a success.  “The service corps was wearing distinctive neon shirts and everywhere you went, you saw these bright shirts in action. From running events, serving food, and manning stations, the event couldn't happen without their cheerful service.”