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NOAC 2020: Callout #8– Chairman’s Collage Challenge

Mike Hoffman     November 26, 2019     NOAC Callout     NOAC 2020

Holiday Greetings Brothers,

As we quickly approach the holiday season, the NOAC committee has created a collage as a gift for lodge and contingent leaders, which can be found below. With your new gift in hand, I challenge you to share this with those whom you created fond memories of the Order of the Arrow with. By gifting this collage to others, you extend an invitation to attend NOAC, gifting them the opportunity of a lifetime and spreading the holiday spirit of giving across the nation.

However, I recognize that we have only displayed a small handful of the countless activities of NOAC, so I also challenge lodges to create their own collage presenting NOAC activities and gift it to their lodge members.

I am eagerly waiting to see many of you in August,

Mike Hoffman


National Order of The Arrow Committee

Collage of photos of scouts