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NOAC 2020: Callout #7

November 04, 2019     NOAC Callout     NOAC 2020

Attending NOAC as an in-person delegate is a highlight in any Arrowman's experience. For those who cannot get to NOAC 2020 in person, attending as a remote delegate is a great way to experience the NOAC spirit from afar! Remote delegates participate in a special set of activities, including:

  • Selected videos of shows, ceremonies, trainings, and other events (live stream and pre-taped)
  • Facebook community with other remote delegates
  • A wide game tailored to remote delegate participation
  • Social media challenges

Remote delegates also receive a special patch and the same welcome packet that in-person delegates receive. In 2018, remote delegates had a wonderful experience. The sense of community they developed was extraordinary. If you or a member of your lodge cannot attend in person, please consider attendance as a remote delegate and keep the NOAC spirit alive in your heart!

Registration is now open on NOAERS and the cost is $80.00.