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National Needs YOU!

  Ethan Syster       December 21, 2021

National Needs YOU!

The National Communications and Technology Subcommittees of the Order of the Arrow have recently partnered to create a national volunteer board. The volunteer board is intended to be an all encompassing list of opportunities to support the OA as a national volunteer. While the board is currently limited to positions within the Communications and Technology Subcommittees, it is our intention to add additional national volunteer opportunities to this board after a beta period.


What opportunities are currently listed on the national volunteer board?

Both the National Communications and Technology Subcommittees currently have positions for youth and adults on the volunteer board. 

The National Communications Subcommittee works to spread the Order’s message by providing a mechanism for the national OA leadership to reach Arrowmen at the local level and for those Arrowmen to engage directly with the national organization. The Communications Subcommittee currently has youth and adult volunteer positions listed in website, photography, social media, and graphic design. 

The National Technology Subcommittee is responsible for the technical infrastructure and national-level applications of the OA. Key responsibilities of the Technology Subcommittee include support of OA LodgeMaster (OALM), National OA Event Registration System (NOAERS), ArrowID, event mobile applications, and OA Hackathon programs, among others. The Technology Subcommittee currently has youth and adult volunteer positions listed in C#, Typescript, and Wordpress development, website/system administration, NOAERS event administration, project planning, and technical documentation. 


Who should apply for these national volunteer opportunities?

National volunteer opportunities are intended for individuals who have already given substantial time at the lodge, section, and region level, and still seek to volunteer further in the OA. The organization cannot function without the services of dedicated volunteers at the local level so we ask that prospective volunteers please consider these local opportunities before seeking opportunities at the national level.

Learn more and check out the national volunteer board at!