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A More Versatile Trading Post Leads to Higher Sales

Garrett Donais     March 22, 2020     OA Today

Passaconaway Lodge has had a trading post like many other lodges, run out of totes and brought into their camp trading post for every lodge weekend. However, this process proved to be slow and inefficient so the lodge’s leadership developed a unique solution with their vision being; “If we use a trailer to transport the merchandise, why don’t we just sell out of it too?” With that in mind, the lodge started to build their new trading post. By using a trailer they’ll be able to use their time management skills to eliminate the setup and teardown times.

The trailer was completely paid for within a year of sales and most of the cost was covered through various sponsorships. Their most popular item is a custom root beer that the lodge sells through a partnership with a local restaurant. Due to the newfound ease of transporting the trading post, it is now used at their district, council, and section events as well as every Tuesday during their council’s summer camp.

Get an inside look at the trailer below!

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