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Lodge Ledger: OA LodgeMaster 3.0

April 13, 2013     Lodge Ledger

OA LodgeMaster has recently made an upgrade with version 3.0, with a brand-new and exciting interface. Each lodge in the Order can use this software system to track membership data, leadership positions, event attendances, lodge finances and everything else your lodge needs to be successful.

LodgeMaster is free to all lodges. Arrowmen in charge of maintaining the system can run LodgeMaster with multiple users, so updated information says synchronized. This system includes two products that stem from the main project: LodgeMaster Desktop and LodgeMaster Online. In the Desktop application of LodgeMaster, members of a lodge's leadership team can manage the lodge's database and can edit the information within the system. A number of reports can be accessed and created as well, such as financial budgets, membership rosters, or event attendances. The Online version of LodgeMaster operates on the web browser and can be accessed by committee or chapter leadership of the lodge. While not as powerful as LodgeMaster Desktop, members can access roster lists for such things as chapter rosters.

With this impressive management system, lodges can organize their data and accomplish their goals easier!