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Lodge Ledger: National Trails Day 2013 to Give Lodges Chance to Get Outdoors, Give Back

May 19, 2013     Lodge Ledger

Looking for a great lodge or chapter service project? Do you want to help build trails for everyone to enjoy? If so, you will probably be interested in participating in the 2013 National Trails Day on June 1, 2013. The Order of the Arrow is teaming up with the American Hiking Society to offer our Scouts and Scouters more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. For years, it has been our purpose to enjoy the outdoors as well as to be its stewards.

Now we have a chance to build upon the great work that our high adventure programs and SummitCorps have been able to accomplish. With this new partnership, we are asking for your support. The AHS not only promotes hiking and the outdoors but they also work to restore its beauty.

To be a part of a project larger than ourselves is something greatness hinges upon. We ask that you take advantage of this opportunity by becoming a part of stewardship and outdoor enjoyment.

Arrowmen can check out the AHS website On the web site you can find out how to become a part of American Hiking Society's National Trails Day® activities. Your lodge, chapter, troop, or Scout unit can be leaders in your local area by participating in NTD now! The official day is June 1, but groups are not limited to completing their project on that specific day. This project is a great way to rack up service hours for your lodge or chapter to use towards Journey to Excellence!

To read more testimonials or get more information about how your lodge, chapter, troop or council can get involved in this event, email the OA NTD team at @email.