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Lodge Ledger: Centennial Blaze #7 - A Toolkit for All

  April 20, 2014       Lodge Ledger       Centennial 2015

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Promotions, publicity, PR, matter what you call it, telling the great stories of the upcoming 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) to as many Arrowmen that will listen is vitally important to getting your lodge to Michigan State University next summer. It's never too soon to let Arrowmen know about NOAC. With so many stories to tell and so much material to draw from, where does your lodge's NOAC promotions or communications team begin?

Fortunately, most of the hard work has already been done! The Order of the Arrow has development numerous resources to help lodges tell the stories of NOAC and they have packaged it up in an easy to use toolkit. The NOAC promotions tool kit can be found at It contains and will be continually updated with promotional materials such as a customizable table placemat for lodge functions, promotional videos, photo slideshows, NOAC PowerPoint presentations, and social media resources. Check the toolkit site often for updates to the resource trove!

Promoting NOAC well requires continual communications using a number of communications tactics (email, website, newsletter, placemats, displays, videos, etc.). Promote #NOAC2015 at every lodge event and meeting. In addition, promote at district events, roundtables, council events and trainings. Communications strategy suggests that a subject needs to be presented seven times before the idea sticks. Don't let NOAC 2015 be the best kept secret in the OA; encourage your lodge leadership to tell the stories of NOAC everywhere and anywhere.

Embrace new media and leverage the power of social media to educate your Arrowmen about NOAC. The Order of the Arrow recognized the power of social media and through its creative uses has helped to build tighter bonds in the Order while taking it's events to a new dimension of fun. The universal acceptance of social media by OA members young and old has created a new dynamic. Social media has the power to drive added program benefits while connecting Arrowmen back home to events and programs they would have otherwise missed.

At the 2012 NOAC, Arrowmen were exposed to a number of social media and technology opportunities. If you had a smartphone with a QR code reader, you could find out information about exhibits, training classes and even other participants. Other services, like an app that led Arrowmen on an interactive scavenger hunt by capturing real-world items, were used to meet new people, learn new things, and get the most out of their NOAC experience.

Flash mob program opportunities were quickly announced via social media channels and the result was a well-attended unique NOAC program experience. The opportunities for using social media are endless, so consider using it to promote the 2015 NOAC, get Arrowmen excited and start the conversation today!

With endless possibilities and opportunities, how can you take your lodge's NOAC promotions to the next dimension? Tell us on your favorite OA social media channel using the hashtags #NOAC2015 and #OA100 and by following us @oabsa on Twitter.

The largest NOAC in the history of the OA will only become a reality with exceptional focus and dedication on promotion and recruitment of contingent members by lodges. This NOAC, combined with the 100th anniversary of the OA, is poised to be an epic celebration. Start it as early as today by selling the NOAC experience, and let the party begin!