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Lodge Ledger: Centennial Blaze #6 - Legacy Project

  February 17, 2014       Lodge Ledger       Centennial 2015, NOAC 2015

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Lodge Legacy Rock

Each lodge was asked to provide a legacy rock during 2012. Why? Simply put, this act will provide a permanent way to commemorate the legacy each lodge has left during the first century of our organization. Currently, 240 rocks have been received, representing a participation rate of 85% nationally. Let's do our part to get the remaining 15% of the rocks sent in! The instructions to submit your piece of this legacy are here. To see the complete list of rocks, follow this link.

In case you changed your mind, lodges will also be given the chance to submit a new rock. If you feel your original submission is not reflective of how you want your lodge to be remembered, here's your chance to make it right. Rocks could be subject to extreme temperatures, rain, ice and snow, so please keep that in mind.

We know that all lodges don't have access to the same resources, and some may not have access to rocks at all. As such, the organization has partnered with a monument company to provide a turnkey solution. No shipping costs are required, and an online form found here can provide more information.

Legacy Lid

How's your lid looking? During 2013, each lodge was asked to further consider your legacy in the Order's first 100 years of service. In addition the legacy your lodge wants to make in a new century of service. Each lodge was given a Centennial Crate at NOAC 2012. Your lodge is charged with taking the lid to this crate and painting one side of it to reflect your lodge's legacy. Why not incorporate the design for your 100th Anniversary NOAC 2015 contingent flap into the design?

Once your lid is complete, please take a high resolution color photo or make a high resolution scan of the lid. Please upload the image to Images should be in JPG format and scanned with a resolution no larger than 1200 dpi. Your images will become part of the digital archives and will be used at NOAC 2015.

We've received several awesome lids already. Check out the following link to see if your lodge's lid has been received.

Your lid should be kept by your lodge and put in a safe place.

History Book

Tell us your lodge's story in 2014. Focus the year on preparing a written history of your lodge. Perhaps your lodge already has part of your history written down, or perhaps your lodge is just starting to record your history. Either way, please use 2014 as an opportunity to preserve your lodge's unique story for future generations of Arrowmen to enjoy!

Each lodge is asked to submit the contact information of their lodge's chairman and adviser for this project through the following survey. These lodge contacts will be sent monthly newsletters and helpful resources as they undertake this important project. Instructions are available to you on the website. Click here to view the lodge history book instructions.

Once you have a finished product please upload a PDF copy to:

Questions about the lodge history book milestone can be submitted to @email.

Centennial Fire

Now, let's turn up the heat. Each lodge is invited to fill their Centennial Crate with wood and bring it with you to NOAC 2015. The wood will be burned in a controlled ceremonial fire and each lodge that participates will have the opportunity to return home with some ash from that fire to commemorate the event.

However, when transporting wood, certain rules apply. Consistent with the disclaimers that were present on the crate, please follow all applicable state laws when transporting wood. A few notes that must be adhered to regarding the wood:

  1. Do not transport live wood.
  2. Do not transport pine or ash. We want to be very careful not to spread invasive species of insect, diseases or other contaminants!
  3. NO bark.
  4. Consider transporting kiln dried wood only. Examples include a piece of a fence, tent stakes, broken ax handle, part of an old door or shutter from your lodge building.
  5. Please adhere to the principles of Leave No Trace.

NOAC 2015 Lodge Legacy Display

Show us what you've got! At NOAC 2015, each lodge will be provided with a table to display the four milestone components of this project. This is going to be big. Lots of people are going to see these displays, so we really want all lodges to participate. We ask that you bring your actual lid, a hard copy of your history book and your kiln dried wood when you travel to NOAC 2015. The lodge rocks will be delivered and placed on your table.