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Lodge Ledger: Centennial Blaze #15 - Expectations at NOAC 2015

  April 30, 2015       Lodge Ledger       Centennial 2015

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In the Pre-Ordeal Ceremony, Nutiket remarked, “fifteen blazes led you to us.” In January 2013, we began our Centennial Blazes to guide us all to this very special event. This National Order of the Arrow Conference will be like nothing any of us have ever experienced. All guests and staff members should expect to experience the Scouting event of a lifetime.

  1. Lodges can EXPECT a smooth and easy check in at their residence halls, as long as they have inputted all requested information (roommate assignments, training cells, activities, completed medical forms, as well as Youth Protection Training for everyone over 18) into the registration system by the set deadlines.
  2. EXPECT that some of your contingent’s adults will be asked to assist with supporting several of our staff activities. We call that provisional staff, a NOAC first!
  3. EXPECT to celebrate our centennial by honoring our past through the Legacy Display, the Centennial Rededication Ceremony and centennial sashes. You can also EXPECT to recognize your lodge’s Centurion Award recipients at a special reception. Finally on Friday, join us in celebrating our anniversary in style at the Centennial Festival. To complete your lodge’s display, please bring your lodge legacy lid and history book!
  4. Additionally, EXPECT to bring your crate of kiln-dried wood, free of disease & insects, not consist of pine and not be pre-burned. The wood crate (given to lodges at the 2012 NOAC) should contain more than one piece of wood such that the crate is full (but not overfilled). The ash from this wood will be commingled with that of all the other lodges, Dr. Goodman’s Brotherhood Barn, the OA’s ceremonial grounds at the Summit Bechtel Reserve and Treasure Island Scout Reservation. Ash will be collected, bottled and sealed (only lodges who participate by bringing wood will be entitled to receive the commemorative ash vial).
  5. EXPECT to see each contingent member’s training and activities to be known in July (This if you input all the desired information during April and May). During one of your days at NOAC, your lodge will have the unique opportunity to participate in the “Day of the lodge” program.
  6. EXPECT the first ever OA Warrior Competition. Who  can complete this massive obstacle course in the fastest time? Lodge members will compete for top honors.
  7. EXPECT to experience the first ever The Hub. The Hub will be the premier location for everything cool at NOAC. It is not merely a place, it is an attitude and a state of mind. All week The Hub will host so much of what will make NOAC extraordinary: the OA Warrior competition, the Centennial Fire, Adventure Central, the Hodag, the Centennial Festival and so much more. Located close to the Breslin Center, The Hub is more than a square mile of awesome and a place every Arrowman will find more fun and adventure than anywhere in Scouting. Make sure you plan your days at NOAC around The Hub.
  8. EXPECT the first ever Spark, which is a world class conference wide game powered by innovative technology that rewards Arrowmen for exploring NOAC. Spark encourages NOAC guests to make new friends from across the nation and allows them to take home and share their NOAC experience.
  9. EXPECT to be contacted by a member of the concierge staff during July to ensure that you are set for your arrival at NOAC. These same folks will greet each contingent at the five check-in locations on August 3rd.
  10. Finally, EXPECT a safe and fun-filled conference of almost 15,000 Arrowmen with a chance to make lifelong memories!