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A Journey of Knowledge and Learning

  Timothy P. and Kaitlyn R.             Officer Outlook

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A Journey of Knowledge and Learning

Training presentations and programs like Lodge Leadership Development (LLD), the ACT conference, National Leadership Seminar (NLS), and the Developing Youth Leadership Conference (DYLC), are the primary forms of youth and adult leadership development in the Order of the Arrow. These events are generally held over a weekend, ranging from personal development to large-picture topics, such as maintaining and improving lodge practices. The Order of the Arrow offers a wide range of training to help leaders through various challenges they may face in Scouting and life in general. 

Lodge Leadership Development events, commonly referred to as LLD, are held by lodges annually over a day or an entire weekend. This program helps lodges by serving as an opportunity for growth and increasing the cumulative knowledge base among their Arrowmen and leadership. LLD is different from any of the other training programs because the sessions within the conference are tailored for each lodge. Lodges can visit to find suggestions that address the different needs and experiences based on their Performance Measurement Program scorecard.  Arrowmen should consult their local lodge leadership to learn about the next running of an LLD course.

“LLD was the first in-person training event I ever attended as an Arrowman. The fellowship filled environment combined with the different modules geared to help me learn how I can make an impact in my lodge, instilled a sense of confidence in myself as a leader in the Order of the Arrow,” reflected Haley F., a Tamegonit Lodge member who attended its LLD last year at the local Dave & Buster’s.

Tamegonit Lodge Arrowmen listen to an LLD training session about servant leadership. This is just one of many types of sessions Arrowmen can participate in at their lodge’s LLD event.

Sections typically hold an ACT conference, which stands for Adapt, Collaborate, and Thrive, or other similar training to bolster the lodges they support. This training initiative differs from LLD since it has a targeted mission that each section works to achieve. The ACT conference will help lodges adapt to face major challenges, collaborate with their peers across the section, and eventually thrive to become high performing. This conference is where big-picture leadership starts to really take flight. Contact local section leadership to find out when the next ACT conference near you is occurring or visit for more information.

“Learning and sharing ideas of how to be better leaders with members from a variety of lodges helped me to further my leadership, and provided a new way to view some of the challenges that my own lodge faces.” remarked Nathan D. from Section E2, who attended his most recent ACT conference.

Arrowmen listen to Section E2 Chief John Hutchinson as he opens the section’s first-ever ACT conference. Throughout the weekend, lodge leaders and Arrowmen from across Section E2 created ACTion Plans to bring back to their lodges.

The National Leadership Seminar, or NLS, and its adult-oriented counterpart, the Developing Youth Leadership Conference, or DYLC, is the pinnacle of leadership development courses within the Order of the Arrow. Here, Arrowmen will spend an entire weekend growing in knowledge and developing leadership and teamwork skills that will benefit them in Scouting and beyond. This truly dynamic program will not want to be missed by any Arrowmen. For more information and dates of sessions, visit

“NLS provided a positive and friendly environment, while significantly impacting how I lead others and utilize everyone’s unique abilities!” commented Emma W., who attended an Eastern Region session in December of 2022.

Emma poses for a group photo with her NLS crew. She still maintains close contact with those friends and describes the group as “very enthusiastic and funny the whole weekend.”

 The training opportunities are geared across experience levels, from lodge and section chiefs to those just starting their leadership journey! Each of these training events will not only help Arrowmen in their Scouting journey and give them the tools they need to meet their goals, but they will also help Arrowmen in their everyday life.