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Jaccos Towne Lodge Supports Toys for Tots Drive

Jonathan Golden     March 07, 2019     Lodge Ledger

In November 2017, Jaccos Towne Lodge created and ordered one hundred twenty-five lodge flaps to raise funds for Toys for Tots. Arrowmen from across central Indiana donated toys to enter a raffle with prizes such as an opportunity to win the unique patch or a year event pass. They also had the chance to purchase the flap for $15. Jaccos Towne Lodge Chief Jordan W. shared his thoughts on the fundraiser.

“I would say it’s definitely rewarding that, as a lodge and service organization, we not only give back to Boy Scouts of America, but also lend a helping hand to other organizations around us such as Toys for Tots.” He believes it is very rewarding that this attitude of service was expressed by lending a helping hand to a community cause. This lodge flap initiative showed service can be anything you make of it, whether it’s a small toy or a purchased patch."

Overall, this initiative was a huge hit. The lodge collected 2 boxes of toys and over $1500 to donate to Toys for Tots. Many Arrowmen realized the impact and were ecstatic to give back to an organization much like ours - one that helps others and doesn’t ask for anything in return.