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Housing Updates for NOAC 2018

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While at Indiana University, you’ll be staying in one of IU’s residence halls located around campus. IU’s residence halls come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of features; some have A/C, some have lofted beds, others are apartment style, while some have singles. Regardless of your residence hall assignment, all attendees will get sheets, a pillow, and towels for their use at the conference. Some blankets will be available from the resident hall front desk but if you get cold easily, be prepared and pack your own.

Now is your chance to request who you’d like to room, you able to indicate a preference within your NOAERs profile and the assignment team will do their best to accommodate. If you have any special requests that should be considered when completing housing assignments, please indicate those needs in your NOAERS profile as well, so appropriate accommodations can be assigned.


On average we spend 2 years of our life waiting in lines.  At NOAC 2018, the staff is committed to eliminating those lines and getting each delegate to NOAC program as quickly as possible. Unlike the previous NOACs, where check in occurred at a centralized location, NOAC 2018 will offer check-in at your housing location. To help make the process go as quickly as possible, make sure you’ve completed all the required fields and entries in your registration profile within NOAERS!


The conference staff has been working hard with Indiana University to schedule conference activities in centralized buildings within walking distance of each dorm. If you get tired from walking or need a break from the heat, we have got you covered! The Transportation team has organized a shuttle loop that where Arrowmen can hop on an IU shuttle and take it to stops all across the campus. Additionally, special buses will take people to and from activities occurring off campus (Arrowmen Conservation School, skateboarding, the golf outing, and Ransburg Scout Camp activities).