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Happy New Years 2024 Video

  Eli Levsky             OA Today

Join the 2024 national officers for the commencement of exhilarating new opportunities this year. Meet National Chief David Gosik, National Vice Chief John Andrew Segebarth and Region Chiefs Cam Dalton and Jake Whitley as they share what they are most excited about for this year, from new additions to the National Order of the Arrow Conference to continued service with the OA High Adventure program to several National Leadership Seminar courses.

This year, join us as we Seek New Heights!


Chris Grove: Good evening, Arrowmen, and thank you for joining us tonight for our Campfire Chat. My name is Chris Grove, and I serve as the chairman of the National Order of the Arrow Committee.

Cortland Bolles: And I am Cortland Bolles, the National Order of the Arrow Director, the lead professional supporting the Order of the Arrow program.

Grove: We are excited to have thousands of our fellow Arrowmen from around the country tune in tonight. Right before the end of last year, over a hundred key section and national leaders gathered in Boulder, Colorado, to collaborate on planning for the National Order of the Arrow Conference.

Bolles: Tonight, we want to share some exciting information regarding NOAC 2024. But first, we would like to introduce your 2024 national youth leadership. These four inspirational youths are the top leaders of the Order of the Arrow and represent the over one million members of the Boy Scouts of America.

Grove: We look forward to seeing the heights these young Arrowmen achieve over the next year.  At this time, it is my privilege to introduce to you your 2024 national chief, David Gosik. From Chesapeake, Virginia, David is a Vigil Honor member of Blue Heron Lodge in Section E9.

David Gosik: Thank you very much, and I am honored to have been selected by my fellow Arrowmen to serve all of you this upcoming year. I am an Eagle Scout of the class of 2023 and a first-year at the University of Virginia, where I study economics and history. Outside of Scouts, I love to work on cars, try new restaurants, and go to the beach. We have a lot of exciting activities planned for NOAC this year, but first, I would like to introduce my great friend and your 2024 national vice chief, John Andrew Segebarth. From Lexington, Kentucky, John Andrew is a Vigil Honor member of Kawida Lodge from Section E3.

John Andrew Segebarth: Thank you very much, and I am excited to enable all of our lodges this year to reach new heights. I am an Eagle Scout of the class of 2020 and a freshman at the University of Kentucky, where I study political science, economics, and public policy. Outside of Scouts, I play trombone in my school’s concert band, I love to ski, and love creating Pinterest boards on interior design. Alongside David, I am looking forward to helping thousands of Arrowmen seek new heights this year, but first, our regions are just as vital to the Order of the Arrow program. I would now like to introduce your 2024 Eastern Region Chief, Cameron Dalton. From York, Maine, Cameron is a Vigil Honor member of Madockawanda Lodge from Section E19.

Cameron Dalton: Thank you very much, John Andrew. I am an Eagle Scout of the class of 2022 and a sophomore at the University of Maine, where I study mechanical engineering. Outside of Scouts, I’m involved in my parish, I love to play spike ball, and work as a resident assistant. Now, I would like to introduce your 2024 Gateway Region Chief, Jake Whitley. From Houston, Texas, Jake is a Vigil Honor member of Colonneh Lodge from Section G2.

Jake Whitley: Thank you, Cam. I am an Eagle Scout of the class of 2020 and a sophomore at Lone Star College, where I study business administration. Outside of Scouts, I love to read, travel to new places, and play pickleball. This year, we have over ten training events, including NLS and DYLCs, planned for Arrowmen all across both regions to seek new heights with their leadership.

Gosik: All four of us are enthusiastic and excited to serve each and every Arrowmen, in addition to planning an incredible NOAC at the University of Colorado Boulder. This will be our 35th National Order of the Arrow Conference and the third in the beautiful state of Colorado. Over 6,000 Arrowmen will gather for a week of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service! This conference will be a welcoming environment for the diverse group of delegates and staff who will come from around the nation. Our goal is to foster a sense of belonging for all who attend; we hope this audience includes many of you who are tuning in today. 
This year, our theme is “Seek New Heights.” We are challenging participants to elevate our aspirations, to be perseverant, and to reach a new summit of personal and collective achievement in the Order of the Arrow. This year at NOAC, we have new program areas, innovative training experiences, and exhilarating evening shows!

Segebarth: New to this year, we are introducing the Pacesetters Committee. The Pacesetters Committee will focus on fitness, competitions and training to encourage delegates and staff to lead a healthy lifestyle and set an example for health and well-being. They will run a wide range of activities, from athletic competitions to our Brotherhood runs to various training sessions. NOAC 2024 will challenge participants to fulfill their promise “to keep myself physically strong” and to act today to rise above themselves to ascend, explore, and take it to the next level. Do you guys want to create a basketball game?

Whitley: Maybe! I know I’ll be running in the Brotherhood 5K. Also new to this year will be the return of our gathering event on Thursday night! The gathering event will be a unique experience characterized by a relaxed tailgate atmosphere focusing on section gatherings. I am confident that the Gateway Region sections will host the coolest gatherings at NOAC.

Dalton: Not so fast, Jake. The sections in the Eastern Region have a lot of fantastic ideas planned for UC Boulder, and our gathering will not be one to miss. But turning back to other new NOAC topics, let me take a moment to mention the Trailblazer Scholarship. We recognize that the cost of participation and travel can present a barrier for many Arrowmen. Accordingly, we have established the Trailblazer Scholarship, which is a financial aid opportunity designed to increase access to NOAC for Arrowmen who might otherwise not be able to attend. Arrowmen can support the scholarship by purchasing a limited-edition memorabilia package. Scholarship applications are due by the end of January and will be allocated based on financial need.

Gosik: All four of us are genuinely excited to “Seek New Heights” alongside 6,000 Arrowmen at the University of Colorado Boulder from July 29 to August 3 for Scouting’s premier event! We cannot wait! For more information, visit

Segebarth: As you consider your summer plans, don’t forget to explore the Order’s High Adventure programs! In 2024, we are excited to maintain our strong legacy of service and adventure at Philmont, Northern Tier, and the Summit, and we hope Arrowmen will take advantage of these life-changing opportunities!

Dalton: We also look forward to seeing you at one of the several National Leadership Seminars or Developing Youth Leadership Conferences in 2024. These programs are the OA’s flagship training opportunities offered at the national level for youth leaders and advisers. We are gearing up for an exciting slate of courses, including in Puerto Rico and Tokyo!

Whitley: The OA is not just an award or an organization. It is an experience. It is a journey, and I have made countless memories during my time in the OA, and I look forward to making many more this year. I encourage each Arrowman to take advantage of the opportunities when they can. The OA has so much to offer you, from lodge fellowships and section conclaves to OA High Adventure treks and National Leadership Seminar courses.

Gosik: Tonight was just the commencement of exhilarating new opportunities this year. Thank you for joining us as we celebrate our anticipation for the Order of the Arrow in 2024. And …

Gosik and Segebarth: … We look forward to seeing you at NOAC 2024!