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First Ever Tokyo Conclave

  Andrew Garcia             OA Today

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First Ever Tokyo Conclave

Every year, Arrowmen get the chance to gather with the surrounding lodges in their section at a section conclave to have a truly memorable experience. Often, a conclave is a highlight of an Arrowman's experience. The 2018 Section W-6P Conclave proved to be one such highlight. The W-6P conclave took place in Tokyo, Japan at the Tama Hills Recreation Center on a U.S. military base, and was the first time Achpateuny Lodge 803 of the Far East Council hosted conclave. W-6P and its three lodges, composed of 13 countries, and all but one Hawaiian island, were present to "Forge the Bonds that Make our Brotherhood Strong," the theme at the event in April.

2018 Western Region Chief Jordan Jefferis shared his experience about his time in Tokyo, Japan at the first ever conclave hosted by the Far East Council. Jordan said, "I really enjoyed seeing people from different backgrounds come together for the conclave with such comradery. I enjoyed spending time with Arrowmen from W-6P and getting to know them through the games, activities, and training sessions. The event was full of awesome events like a base wide capture the flag game," according to Jordan, "Which was a great way for all of the Arrowmen there to get to know each other a little better." The food was another success at this exciting weekend. Arrowmen were served authentic Japanese dishes and curry… with a side of cheerful service, of course. Jordan said, "The food was by far the best food I have ever had at a section conclave." Jordan and other leaders led a "Meet the Man" session, as well as a training session on how to be an engaged lodge member. "I enjoyed seeing how the Far East Council does Scouting compared to the other Scouting events I have attended," said Jordan.

Congratulations to Section W-6P on a successful and phenomenal section conclave, to the newly elected Section officers, and to Achpateuny Lodge for hosting the first ever conclave in Tokyo.