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Expanding OA in the Far East Council

Steven Soto     August 08, 2019     Lodge Ledger

Every chapter and their lodge strives to complete 100 percent of their unit elections each year. For unit visitation teams, this only requires a short drive. However, the Far East Council spans the Pacfic ocean with different districts across Asia and encompassing groups of Arrowmen on different continents. Edgar LaBenne, chapter adviser in Achpateuny Lodge, shared his story on how the youth are able to conduct unit elections across the Pacific. 

Achpateuny Lodge serves the Far East Council’s 450 Arrowmen. Mr. Edgar LaBenne is a past chapter chief, lodge chief, section chief, and section adviser. Currently, he serves as a chapter adviser in seven different countries, including Japan and the Philippines, that have unit connections with the OA. He has been the key coordinator in helping the youth of the lodge reach out and connect with the units.

Shaonaxan Chapter Chief David Luay and Mr. LaBenne share the work in bringing together the youth from Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines through a system of clans. Each clan has a clan chief and adviser in each country to help run OA programs. Unit elections are usually done by the clan members and the clan chief in the area.

The lodge and chapter have been making many strides to connect youth across the council. Mr. LaBenne explained, “We have several inductions every year in the Philippines, Korea, Okinawa, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. We just had an induction for the first time in Malaysia earlier this year, reaching two units. Also, last year we had one in Hong Kong where we were able to reach out to youth in two China units who have never had the OA come before.” 

In years prior, Achpateuny Lodge has had Scouts and leaders come from Indonesia to the Philippines to go through their induction weekends. They have inductions planned at the end of July with youth from Thailand, Singapore, and China. 

These Arrowmen are making amazing strides to connect the youth of the Scouting organization from all parts of the Pacfic and areas across Asia. Keep up the amazing work and we can’t wait to greet these new Arrowmen!