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Driving Momentum: Best Practices Through Challenges

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Fire in metal fire ring with brotherhood etched into metal. There is text on top that says driving momentum.

Driving Momentum is an exciting new initiative rolled out to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between lodges across the nation during these challenging times.

The initiative focuses on giving Arrowmen a platform to share their best practices, draw inspiration from others across the country, and use featured national resources as we work to advance our Order during these challenging times and prepare us to reemerge stronger than ever.

Driving Momentum has two distinct features, starting with the website. This webpage breaks down the initiative and provides abundant resources to lodges to help navigate reopening or restructuring during the pandemic.

The main feature of this site is the submission form that allows Arrowmen to enter questions or share ideas in a variety of categories. The responses to the form are constantly compiled into best practices for Arrowmen to draw inspiration from and be featured in.

The second feature of Driving Momentum is the Driving Momentum: Together! Facebook Group. The group provides a space to forge meaningful relationships while tackling local problems through shared solutions. It already has hundreds of members looking to connect, share ideas and support each other.

If you’re looking to join a National OA Community, share your ideas and learn from others, the Driving Momentum initiative is a great way for you to get involved!