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DC Chapter Chief Elected to Local Office!

  Jackson Lamb             OA Today

Chapter Chief Serves His Local Community

Recently, Quentin Colón Roosevelt, 18, a member of Amangamek-Wipit Lodge, was elected as the youngest commissioner to his local Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) in Washington, D.C. The role of an ANC is to regulate the designated neighborhood while striving to improve them. Quentin’s overall goal is to “be the best commissioner possible” by being a servant leader for his constituents. He plans to work with the community concerning permitting housing development, forestry issues, zoning regulations, and much more. With that in mind, Quentin knows that “people depend on him” and that he must “do positive things.” With a background in Scouting, Quentin believes he can take experience from it to lead changes in his neighborhood and focus on relatable issues to his school, such as transportation.

As a young adult, Quentin attends school and participates in other activities outside of Scouting, such as band, classes, and even Pokémon Trading Cards. The role Quentin has taken on requires him to be a man of the people, someone who truly understands the issues at stake: a servant leader. 

Quentin’s designated neighborhood is geographically large, resulting in significant student transportation challenges. Quentin understands the complex transportation routes surrounding his high school and wants to provide a better student environment. For example, Quentin works to improve bus routes, sustain a clean vehicle climate, and ensure all kids have safe, reliable transportation. Thus far, Quentin has been working with the City Council on these matters and has even opened up a bike station in the neighborhood. However, the process of working with city officials can often be long and difficult. Through his time in Scouting and as a chapter chief, Quentin has learned to be patient and understanding when working with others. 

As a Scout and Arrowman, Quentin believes

“the role is a continuation of the Order of the Arrow and Scouting values.” 

Quentin’s experience in Scouting and as an Arrowman has prepared him for the role of an ANC. Since his time in Cub Scouts, Quentin has enjoyed the fun activities Scouting offers and the duty of community service and attained Eagle Scout rank. In addition, Quentin has been a proud Arrowman of Amangamek-Wipit Lodge, a Vigil Honor member, and continues to demonstrate spirited service as a chapter chief. However, balancing between Scouting, school, and his career is not easy. 

Quentin understands he has a “big weight” on his shoulders, especially considering he has “lots of press covering him because of his age.” 

It is clear that Quentin experiences pressure from being involved with many things. Quentin’s lodge chief, Sophie, describes Quentin as “committed and invested.” Amangamet-Wipit Lodge Adviser Kurt Wratkowski commented that Quentin has excelled as a chapter chief, saying, “It is a difficult task and I would say he has done a very good job at it.”

In his role as a chapter chief, Quentin faces challenges, such as promotion and elections, considering his lodge is one of the largest in the country and has 21 chapters. However, Quentin has worked through these challenges as he has led significant chapter growth and intensive planning for ordeals and camporees. Quentin has become an influence among other Arrowmen and truly “embodies all 12 points of the Scout Law.”

These challenges and opportunities have helped him grow to serve his community as ANC and find solutions for his neighborhood's challenges. Through Scouting and the Order of the Arrow, Quentin has been instilled with the necessary skills for his position as an ANC commissioner. He works to serve the people in a spirited, trustable way.