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Brad Haddock: A Lifetime Of Service

  September 26, 2019       OA Today

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"He introduced me to Dr. Goodman as a ‘good friend’ despite the fact that we had just met a few minutes prior. That’s the type of person Brad was - a friend to all."

Those are the words of Tim Brown, a Vigil Honor member out of Kawida Lodge, testifying to the character of the late Bradley E. Haddock.

Brown and Haddock first met at the 1975 National Order of the Arrow Conference. Brown was a sixteen-year-old Arrowman and Haddock was the national chief. To Brown, Haddock had already set himself apart from other Arrowmen. As national chief, Brad set upon a nontraditional path to redefine the Order of the Arrow and forever alter how the program is perceived today.

Outside of Scouting, Haddock held two things especially close to his heart; his family and his faith. Born to Kenneth and Genevieve Haddock on the 4th of January in 1955, Haddock was the oldest of three boys. Haddock’s parents fueled him with a passion for service and a deep devotion toward his faith from the beginning. He quickly showed his skills as a natural leader and this, in tandem with his faith and incredible work-ethic, inspired him to serve others to the best of his abilities. In 1968, the same ideals that were instilled in him at a young age called him to serve his fellow peers when he was inducted into Hi-Cha-Ko-Lo Lodge, thus beginning a new chapter in his life.

As Brad rose through the Order of the Arrow, so too did his devotion toward others. He was elected national chief at the 1975 National Planning Meeting at Schiff Scout Reservation and immediately set about revolutionizing the program. With the support of then-chairman George Feil, Haddock helped develop the National Leadership Seminar (NLS). Often referred to as one of the greatest accomplishments of Brad’s youth, the National Leadership Seminar still seeks to train the leaders of tomorrow. 

Haddock’s dedication towards others did not end after his term. Rather, he continued to dedicate his efforts to all levels of Scouting as a lodge adviser, camp director, district chairman, area adviser, region adviser and much more. He eventually became the eighth national chairman of the Order of the Arrow and set about to bring about an even greater change. Under his guidance, the Order continued to grow and new programs came to fruition; new programs such as the National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar (NLATS), Indian Summer, and the Conclave Training Initiative. However, Brad Haddock, at his core, was a conservationist and wholeheartedly believed that the Order was born through cheerful service. As national chairman, Haddock set in motion what many would argue to be the greatest service of his adult life: ArrowCorps5.

Today, while Haddock is no longer with us, his legacy lives on. Despite the numerous tangible differences he has made, despite the innumerable awards he had been presented or positions he has held, it is what he represented and what he inspired that continues on to this day. Brad Haddock was an inspiration to all. He accomplished so much because he conveyed his vision with others. Those who assisted were not so much delegated responsibility; they worked alongside Haddock because they too saw his vision. When asked by Scouts and Scouters alike how they too could obtain the same success as he, Haddock often responded with the following, “ too can have the impact I had and you do so every day.”

Every time we serve our fellow brothers - whether by sweeping the floor or leading a service project - whether we are a leader or a follower - we each have the power to inspire the next leaders of tomorrow; for inspiration is undoubtedly exponential. Although Brad Haddock’s tangible legacy in the Order, Scouting and world as a whole was far and grand, it is the intangible that will continue to endure - the spirit of servant leadership. 

When asked what he thought Haddock would want the Arrowmen of today to know, Brown said this: 

Brad would say ‘ matter what you do, no matter your level and no matter the color of your loops, never forget where you came from. What are your roots? Use those to inspire yourself so as to continue onward, and by doing so, your actions will continue to inspire the next generation of servant leaders.

Remember the legacy of Bradley E. Haddock - friend, servant leader and inspiration to all. Moreover, continue to remind yourself where you came from and the impact you have each and every day. This is the true impact of Brad Haddock, and it is far greater than any of his projects. A legacy of inspiration - like that of a roaring cheerful fire - continues onward, never dwindling and never-ending.