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Arrowmen reach out in service to their local community

November 29, 2016     OA Today

At their annual spring service weekend, one lodge decided to perform some community service in the local area where the event was held: Pipsico Scout Reservation, Chippokes State Park and the town of Claremont.

Nearly two dozen Arrowmen from Wahunsenakah Lodge traveled to Claremont and worked with the mayor, Louise Hansch, and other supervising citizens, to paint the doors, interior steps and landing of the town hall. In addition, they went to the library to remove American Ivy and other invasive species that had overgrown the surrounding building. At the town circle the Arrowmen cut away overgrowth, weeded and mulched the flower beds.

It rained throughout the service project, but the Arrowmen worked through it all. While they were challenged to work when not pouring, they took it upon themselves to push through the steady rain and deliver the desired results.

The Arrowmen were motivated because the small town of 300 has an aging population and they say few under 60 years old. The town has one part-time employee with the mayor who works 4 hours every day. Together, the Arroman of Wahunsenakah Lodge filled a 40 foot dumpster with debris that they had trucked over to it. After completion of this task, the town folk were very appreciative.

The paint came from the town, the supplies were provided by the local Habitat For Humanity representative and the local general store supplied a delicious lunch. Wahunsenakah Arrowmen brought their own tools, vests, gloves and motivated manpower.

After this great act of service, the town would like to have these brothers back. The Arrowmen felt appreciated and believed their efforts truly made a difference.