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The Arrowman in Antarctica

  Kyle Hoffman       May 02, 2019       OA Today

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Tim Lynch, Eagle Scout, is living the dream, with a heart for adventure.  He recently spent six months in the world’s most remote landscape, the frozen continent of Antarctica, as part of the United States Antarctic Program at McMurdo Station.

Lynch, seen above posing with a small replica of the Lodge flag and centennial patches outside McMurdo Station, is a Vigil Honor member of Nawakwa Lodge in Richmond, Virginia. The memorabilia displayed by Lynch will be auctioned as part of Nawakwa’s Centennial Celebration later this year. Lynch was a member of the Nawakwa National Honor ceremonies team as a youth and served as an advisor for several years.

Through Scouting, Lynch grew to love the outdoors and through service to Nawakwa Lodge he was well prepared to perform cheerful service, even in the most trying of environments.  Traits developed along Scouting’s trail helped make his time in Antarctica a breeze. Additionally, skills like cold weather camping, packing efficiently, and living Scouting's Oath and Law certainly made the transition from Richmond to McMurdo as smooth as can be.

The path Lynch took to Antarctica was, predictably, long and toilsome.  It took over four years for Lynch to be selected as he competed against applicants from all over the country.  Selected after the intensive application process, Lynch finally began his journey South. He flew from Richmond, Virginia to Houston, then down to Auckland, New Zealand and finally Christchurch, New Zealand.  There he went to the United States Antarctic Program Passenger Terminal and Clothing Distribution Center to complete his preparation for departure to Antarctica. From the Terminal, he and his colleagues took the last leg of their journey by plane to Phoenix Airfield on the icy continent. From there it was a short drive to McMurdo.

At McMurdo, Lynch served as a Computer Technician.  He and five other technicians were responsible for over 700 computers at McMurdo, ensuring that all of them functioned to the highest standard.  Technology is a crucial part of any research team’s equipment, so the maintenance of all devices is essential to keeping McMurdo firing on all cylinders.  

As any Arrowman would, Lynch loved the natural wild he encountered around McMurdo.  Pods of Orcas would swim through McMurdo Sound adjacent to the station. Penguins would waddle near, sometimes getting close to the station.  The Southern Lights dazzled Lynch a few weeks into his time at McMurdo, giving him a glimpse of the auroras most people only dream of seeing in person.  Living in the unique environment of Antarctica gave him the chance to observe some of the most unique creatures and phenomena our planet has to offer.

While not everyone has experienced adventure like Tim Lynch, he is confident that with determination anyone can experience it.  When traveling the long road to success and adventure, Lynch notes that “it’s important to have perseverance during the process.”  So long as you keep persevering and following the ideals of Scouting and the Order of the Arrow, they can take you anywhere. With a goal on your mind and Scouting in your heart, you too can bring the Order to new and remote locations.