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Apply to be an OAHA Foreman

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Apply to be an OAHA Foreman

Hear from just some of the men and women who have made memories that will last a lifetime while in the backcountry, serving their fellow Scouts and the environment as OA High Adventure foreman: 

“Being a foreman is the most rewarding thing I've ever done. It simultaneously lifted my spirits and increased my confidence in my leadership skills while in equal parts humbling me beyond all extremes and teaching me lessons I didn't know how badly I needed to learn. If any part of you is considering doing it one day, listen to your heart and take the leap.”


Northern Tier, Summer of 2022


“Being a foreman isn’t easy, but you can’t grow without challenges. So challenge yourself. Become a foreman. The program impacts so many lives, and you’ll see why.”


Northern Tier, Summer of 2021


“Do it! Participating in OAHA changes you a lot as a person, but being a foreman allows you to grow and be a part of a life-changing experience for many Scouts! While there, ask questions to past foremen and learn as much as you can about the position.”


Philmont, Summers of 2021 and 2022 


“I felt as though I was unprepared to be a foreman, but I did my job very well. You get professional training on trail building, and the support around you helps you become a better foreman. If you have the passion and try your best, you will do great. Being a foreman honestly changed my life. I had struggles, but I had more than adequate support to help me through these struggles, and I had the best time ever. I learned so many new things and tried so many new things. I also met so many amazing and cool people from around our country! It widens your view of the country and the world and helps you become a better Arrowman and person overall.”


Summit, Summer of 2021 

Are you interested in experiencing what these fine foremen are talking about? Are you interested in making life-long friends, learning and growing in the backcountry, and serving your fellow Scouts? Apply to be an OAHA foreman at one of the four national high adventure bases listed below. Please send your resume to @email and submit an application at your desired base below:

OA Summit Experience: Summit Bechtel Reserve Employment Application

OA Wilderness Voyage and Canadian Odyssey: Northern Tier Employment Application

OA Trail Crew: Philmont Scout Ranch Employment Application

OA Ocean Adventure: Florida Sea Base Employment Application