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Nine Seminars, One Mission
In 2023, the Order of the Arrow hosted nine National Leadership Seminars across the country to teach Arrowmen vital leadership skills. Read this article to see how these seminars challenged and enhanced Arrowmen’s leadership skills!
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A High Year for High Adventure - OAHA Recap
This past summer, Arrowmen nationwide sought an adventure of cheerful service at several of our OAHA programs. The countless hours of cheerful service, miles of trails cleared, and stunning views allowed Arrowmen to live the spirit and traditions of the OA. Read today to learn about the success of OAHA in 2023!
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A Camporee to Remember: Eswau Huppeday Lodge
The Nv Ya O Sa Ni Chapter of Eswau Huppeday Lodge in North Carolina held an amazing spring camporee full of games, competitions, and awesome awards! Click the link below to find out what made their event so special.
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2023 Conclave Spotlight
One of the biggest local events in the Order of the Arrow each year is the section conclave. It is an opportunity for Arrowmen to engage in unique fellowship opportunities and interactive learning experiences. Read this article to learn more about what section conclaves are all about!
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American Indian Activities in the Order of the Arrow at 2024 NOAC

As the OA continues to expand its membership into more diverse communities, we continue to put our mission and purpose at the forefront of our Brotherhood. Consistent with that emphasis, the Order of the Arrow has determined that American Indian Activities (dancing, drumming, and crafts) will not be a part of the program at the 2024 National OA Conference.  This decision was made with input from several different constituencies. 

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